European Conference of the

Landscape Research Group

Energy Landscapes

Perception, Planning, Participation

and Power

European Conference of the Landscape Research Group 2015

Energy Landscapes

Perception, Planning, Participation and Power

Field trips

Two alternative field trips will be offered.

1. Old and new energy landscapes (Lusatia)
This will show-case instructive examples of landscape change and management in the context of energy generation. For example, there will be a discussion with regional planners who have to designate legally binding priority areas for wind power plants. Another stop will be in the region of Lusatia, which is characterized by large-scale open-pit lignite mining and by efforts to restore and develop the resulting 'extraction landscapes' into the tourist destination "Lusatian Lakeland".


2. Energy and landscape in urban and peri-urban areas (Leipzig)

The Partheland is a region in the east of Leipzig. Land uses range from densely populated urban to vast rural areas. Core and connecting element of the region is the small river ‘Parthe’ with its wetland. Here one can find beautiful parks, small forests, species-rich meadows and old settlements. However, this image is not a continuous one: The Partheland is a place of new housing areas as well as of large infrastructure and industrial facilities. Hence it is a landscape undergoing rapid change. An ongoing project deals with the implementation of new technologies and networks for a more efficient utilization of organic residues deriving from the maintenance of parks, hedges, wet biotopes, etc. One solution may be their application as new combustibles for small scale production of energy. The field trip includes a walk along the Parthe river and a ‘pic nic discussion’ with researchers and stakeholders from the region.

photo shows the region of Leipzig in the wintertime


Schedule for both field trips

8:45 Departure in Dresden (Reitbahnstraße, behind of hotel "Königstein")
17:00 Arrival in Dresden Airport
17:30 Arrival in Dresden (Reitbahnstraße, at the back of hotel "Königstein")


Departure field trips

map departure field trips


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